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First found on 5/4/2023

Last check: 6 days ago


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  "api": {
    "url": "https://api.slpy.com/lib/openai-plugin/ai-manifest.json",
    "type": "openapi",
    "is_user_authenticated": false
  "auth": {
    "type": "service_http",
    "authorization_type": "basic",
    "verification_tokens": {
      "key": "a44d8d571b6262af3dfda8599",
      "openai": "e6d21c8c2a5640e1a7119388db09d1bc"
  "logo_url": "https://www.slpy.com/img/slpy-logo-10p.svg",
  "contact_email": "slpy_support@slpy.com",
  "legal_info_url": "https://www.slpy.com/legal",
  "name_for_human": "Slpy Maps",
  "name_for_model": "Slpy",
  "schema_version": "v1",
  "description_for_human": "Display Maps and Search for locations and points of interest, linked to interactive slippy Maps.",
  "description_for_model": "Provides geocoding and location search for displaying map images. Location search finds addresses, landmarks, or points of interest. Use Slpy for location-based services and to enhance responses related to travel, geographical areas, political boundaries, locations, addresses, and points of interest. Display results with markdown like [![Map Image](https://api.slpy.com/v1/static/en/{zoom}/{latitude}/{longitude}/640x480@hdpi.png?key=a44d8d571b6262af3dfda8599)](https://www.slpy.com/map#{zoom}/{latitude}/{longitude}).  Zoom level ranges from 0-20. 0 is planet, and 20 is house level."

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