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Logo for trips


First found on 5/9/2023

Last check: 2 months ago


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  "api": {
    "url": "https://www.gogaffl.com/openapi.yaml",
    "type": "openapi",
    "is_user_authenticated": false
  "auth": {
    "type": "service_http",
    "authorization_type": "bearer",
    "verification_tokens": {
      "openai": "ef6da9354448434caca469ddf855ee1d"
  "logo_url": "https://gogaffl-public.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/icon.jpg",
  "contact_email": "support@example.com",
  "legal_info_url": "https://www.gogaffl.com/terms",
  "name_for_human": "GAFFL - Find A Travel Buddy",
  "name_for_model": "trips",
  "schema_version": "v1",
  "description_for_human": "Find like-minded travel companions, co-plan adventures, share costs, and explore destinations together.",
  "description_for_model": "A plugin that allows the user to find trips and locals or local guides in different destinations. Ask them first where they are looking for trips or locals before making queries to the plugin. Otherwise, use the location \\\"united states\\\". keywords for finding trips are are travel buddy, friends, new friends, hiking partners, backpacking tours, people to travel with, tours. Keyword for locals are local guide, nearby people, find hidden gems, advice about cool things to do, coffee shops etc."

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